Drinking water treatment unit
Production line for beverage
Filling machine
Labeling machine
Packing machine
Injection molding machine
Blow molding machine
Plastic mold and product
Ozone generator
RO system for sea water
Direct drinking water system
Various spares
Pipe fittings Water meter /dispenser
Before sales service

Hautek provides project consultancy which includes plane layout design, technological consulting and process design, giving valuable suggestions, etc.

Hautek offers free raw water quality lab analysis.

Certainly, it will shorten communication process if the raw water analysis report from customer is available.

After sales service (commissioning and training)

Hautek can undertake the commissioning and testing of each machine and the complete plant. Training is offered during this period and operational and maintenance manuals provided.

Hautek will be pleasure to give a prompt response for any inquiry from customers, including supply spare parts quickly, and reply customers’ technical questions in time when they meet during production process.