Drinking water treatment unit
Production line for beverage
Filling machine
Labeling machine
Packing machine
Injection molding machine
Blow molding machine
Plastic mold and product
Ozone generator
RO system for sea water
Direct drinking water system
Various spares
Pipe fittings Water meter /dispenser
Two-stage R.O.System for Sea water(Desalinator)
First stage production with 6000 litres per hour,the second stage production with 4000 litres per hour.

R.O.System for Sea water(Desalinator) for production of 300 m3 per day
with energy recovery system from ERI

R.O. System for Sea water(Desalinator)for production of 1200 m3 per day with energy recovery system from ERI.
R.O. System for Seawater (Desalinator) for production with energy recovery system