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Labeling machine
Packing machine
Injection molding machine
Blow molding machine
Plastic mold and product
Ozone generator
RO system for sea water
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Pipe fittings Water meter /dispenser
With human-machine controlling interface, Electrical components from international famous brand. Specially designed blade plate makes blade changing easily. With transmitting mechanism able to adjust relatively to suit different bottle without tools. Reasonable and convenient forced insertion style. With vertical adjustable center cylinder for height adjustment freely. Adopts high sensitivity optical sensor to ensure accuracy of length cutting. LI series shrinkable label inserting machine is suitable for square and round bottles. Film paper core size of 5"--10".
Model LI-6000 LI-12000 LI-18000
Production Capacity (b/h) 6000 12000 18000
Label/Bottle Diameter (mm) 50-90
Label insertion Length(mm) 40-150
Label Material PCV/PET
Main Machine Power (kw) 2 2 7.5
Machine Size LxWxH(mm) / Weight(kg) 2000x1600x2300/1200 5000x890x2600/1500 5000x890x2600/1500
*Specifications will be changed when the machines improved without prior notice.